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Do you dare to immerse yourself in the mind of a psychopath? What if you like what you see…?

“X” is a short terror film with characteristics that make it unique for its genre: it takes us into the mind of a psychopath, showing shots which, due to their stunning visual style are beautiful, surreal and disturbing at the same time. This, in addition to the powerful special makeup effects, makes it really stand out.

Moreover, the killer confesses his darkest thoughts to the audience, breaking the fourth-wall. In spite of his sadistic words, the sensual way in which he expresses himself and the evil beautiful with which the text is written lead the audience to feel a fascination for him, like a macabre poem you inevitably fall in love with. All of this takes us beyond the darkest corners of his mind to our own.

“X” is aimed for people who aren’t afraid to experience dark sensations and question their own limits.


“I wanted to return to my art…my hands longed for the knife, the warmth of fresh blood, the marble-like smoothness of a 3-day-old body”.

“The most intimate art” by Poppy Z. Brite